Retail Build Out: FF&E and Graphics Installers

From Lease Signing to Grand Opening: Your Comprehensive Guide to Opening a Mall Store

**Journey to Your Grand Opening:**

Opening a retail store in a mall is an exciting venture. After securing your lease—make sure to revisit our essential pre-lease signing tasks—you’re ready to start the real work: the store buildout. This stage transforms your retail space from a concept into a reality. To help streamline your store setup process, JPG Hawaii offers invaluable graphics and signage services coupled with expert FF&E solutions trusted by leading brands nationwide.

**Store Buildout Timeline:**

1. **Basic Buildouts (15–27 weeks):** Ideal for simple upgrades like signage and painting when taking over a previous tenant's space.


2. **Cosmetic Enhancements (16–40 weeks):** Focuses on aesthetic updates such as lighting and interior decor to refresh the store's appearance.

3. **Kiosk Setups (19–27 weeks):** Perfect for smaller, more agile retail formats requiring both off-site fabrication and on-site installation.

4. **Full Inline Stores (24–50 weeks):** Comprehensive buildouts involving extensive architectural and mechanical work to completely overhaul the space.

5. **Restaurant Spaces (30–66 weeks):** The most involved setup, requiring detailed attention to kitchen equipment and dining area layout to meet food safety standards.

**Key Steps for a Successful Buildout:**

- **Timeline Planning:** Understand the necessary steps and approximate durations for each phase of your buildout.


- **Strategic Tips:**

  - **Rent Commencement:** Align your buildout milestones with your rent commencement date to avoid paying rent before opening.

  - **Second-Generation Spaces:** Opt for a previously furnished space to reduce costs and setup time.

  - **Detailed Planning:** Prioritize thorough planning and regular communication with contractors and mall management.

**Why Choose JPG Hawaii?**

At JPG Hawaii, we take pride in supporting local and national businesses at prominent locations such as Ala Moana Center, International Marketplace, and Waikele Premium Outlets. Our expertise in custom graphics and signage solutions makes us a leader in the retail setup arena.

Ready to transform your vision into a vibrant retail space? Connect with our leasing experts at JPG Hawaii and explore how our services can elevate your store’s presence in the mall. Let’s make your grand opening a resounding success!

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