OOH Advertising Glossary and FAQ

OOH Advertising Glossary and FAQ for JPG Media

OOH Advertising Glossary

OOH Advertising (Out-of-Home Advertising): Advertising that reaches consumers outside of their homes, encompassing various formats like billboards, transit ads, digital displays, and more.

Billboard: A large outdoor advertising structure typically placed in high-traffic areas to display advertisements.

Digital Displays (DOOH): Digital out-of-home advertising; electronic screens used for advertising in public spaces, often featuring dynamic and interactive content.

Street Furniture: Advertising displays integrated into street furniture like bus shelters, benches, and kiosks.

Mobile Billboard: A truck or trailer equipped with advertising displays that can be driven to different locations.

Ambient Media: Non-traditional advertising placed in unexpected or creative locations to capture attention.

Mall Advertising: Advertising displays within shopping malls, including digital screens, banners, and floor graphics.

Gas Station Advertising: Advertisements placed at gas stations, such as on pump toppers, gas pump screens, and convenience store signage.

Pump Top Advertising: Advertisements placed on top of gas pumps.

Convenience Store Advertising: Advertisements within convenience stores, including signage, displays, and product placements.

Retail Media Networks: Networks of advertising displays within retail environments, often using digital screens and targeted messaging.

Supermarket and Grocery Advertising: Advertisements within supermarkets and grocery stores, including in-store signage, shelf displays, and shopping cart ads.

Grocery Divider Advertising: Advertisements placed on the dividers used to separate groceries at checkout.

In-Store Digital Signage: Digital screens used for advertising within retail stores.

Exterior Vehicle Wraps: Large vinyl graphics applied to the exterior of vehicles, turning them into mobile advertisements.

Reach: The total number of people exposed to an advertisement.

Frequency: The average number of times an individual is exposed to an advertisement.

Impressions: The total number of times an advertisement is displayed.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): The cost of reaching 1,000 people with an advertisement.

ROI (Return on Investment): A measure of the profitability of an advertising campaign, calculated as the revenue generated divided by the cost of the campaign.

Geotargeting: Delivering advertisements to specific geographic locations.

Dayparting: Scheduling advertisements to run at specific times of day.

FAQ for JPG Media

General OOH Advertising Questions

What is OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising?

OOH advertising encompasses all forms of advertising that reach consumers outside their homes. This includes digital displays and various other formats strategically placed in public spaces.

Why should I consider OOH advertising for my business in Hawaii?

OOH advertising in Hawaii offers unparalleled reach, allowing you to connect with a diverse audience across the islands. It's a powerful tool for building brand awareness, driving website traffic, and increasing sales.

What are the different types of OOH advertising available in Hawaii?

JPG Media offers a wide range of OOH advertising solutions in Hawaii, including digital displays, mall advertising, gas station advertising, and more.

How do I measure the success of my OOH advertising campaign?

We provide comprehensive campaign reporting that tracks impressions, reach, and other key metrics. We can also help you measure the impact on website traffic, brand awareness, and sales.

Billboard Advertising

Are billboards allowed in Hawaii?

No, traditional roadside billboards are not permitted in Hawaii. The state has had a longstanding ban on billboards since 1927, enacted to preserve the natural beauty of the islands and prevent visual pollution.

Why doesn't Hawaii allow billboards?

Hawaii's billboard ban is rooted in a strong desire to protect the state's scenic landscapes and unique visual character. The Outdoor Circle, an environmental organization, played a key role in advocating for the ban and continues to support its enforcement.

What are some alternatives to billboards for outdoor advertising in Hawaii?

While billboards are not allowed, there are many effective alternatives for outdoor advertising in Hawaii, such as digital displays, mobile billboards, and place-based media like gas station advertising and mall advertising.

Transit Advertising

Are taxi ads and advertising in bus shelters and transit stations allowed in Hawaii?

No, advertising on taxis, bus shelters, and in transit stations is not currently permitted in Hawaii. The state has regulations restricting commercial advertising on public transportation and infrastructure.

Why doesn't Hawaii allow advertising on public transportation?

Hawaii's restrictions on advertising on public transportation are primarily aimed at maintaining the aesthetic integrity of public spaces and minimizing distractions for passengers.

What are some alternatives to transit advertising in Hawaii?

While traditional transit advertising is limited, there are other effective ways to reach commuters and tourists in Hawaii, such as mobile billboards, digital displays in high-traffic areas, and place-based media in locations frequented by visitors.

Digital Displays (DOOH)

What are the benefits of DOOH advertising?

DOOH advertising allows for dynamic, eye-catching content that can be updated in real-time. It offers flexibility, targeting capabilities, and the ability to track campaign performance.

Where can I find your digital displays in Hawaii?

Our digital displays are located in high-traffic areas like shopping malls, airports, and popular tourist destinations throughout Hawaii.

Other OOH Formats

Do you offer advertising in gas stations and convenience stores?

Yes, we offer gas station advertising options, including pump-top ads and in-store signage. We also provide advertising opportunities in convenience stores.

What are retail media networks, and how can they benefit my brand?

Retail media networks are networks of advertising displays within retail environments. They allow you to reach shoppers at the point of purchase and deliver targeted messages based on demographics and shopping behavior.

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